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Brownie, Kodak, Polaroid, Agfa, Minolta, Contax, Nikon and recently, Fuji.  The smell of the chemicals -- losing track of time in the darkroom and watching the photos magically appear in the developing tray. 

I've been a photographer for most of my life.  Inspired and taught by my grandfather, Bradley Smith, who was one of the early photojournalists and founder of the ASMP (originally, the American Society of Magazine Photographers), now known as the American Society of Media Photographers.  I am an instinctive shooter constantly looking for the little stories that are happening all around us.

My favorite subjects are animals, children and musicians, in that order, I think.  Growing up on an old chicken farm in Milan, NY with 3 gardens, a baseball field, several barns and a pond filled with bass, sunfish and an occasional catfish, I was surrounded by nature and animals of all shapes and sizes.  It was here that I learned about how human energy affects the animals and other humans around you.

Recently, I've been chasing birds up and down the Hudson River. It's really amazing how many species you can find once you start looking for them.

Contact me at 201.951.8711 or annalee@lyricphoto.com.  All photos on this site are for sale as fine art prints.

Follow me on instagram at annaleevk.

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